Foot In Door 5

Foot In Door 5

Mia's massive open call exhibition features hundreds of artists virtual

Since 1980, “Foot in the Door” has been an open exhibition for Minnesotan artists of all ages to present their work at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The exhibition occurs once every 10 years, and by now, generations of artists have participated in it. The sole curatorial criteria? All submissions must measure at or under 12 inches in height, width, and depth—literally inviting artists to place “a foot” in the museum’s galleries.

Serving as a snapshot of Minnesota’s creative scene, “Foot in the Door 5” celebrates the talent, diversity, and enthusiasm of our state’s visual artists. To prioritize safety for artists, visitors, and staff alike, this celebration of our community’s creativity is entirely virtual this year. Thanks to all artists who make this exhibition possible, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic and personal impacts. You are proof that in times of adversity, creativity still triumphs.

View the exhibition online and tune in each week for new video artist profiles.

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