Flowering in the Dark | Kramer Hegenbarth

Flowering in the Dark | Kramer Hegenbarth

David Petersen Gallery will exhibit an installation of ceramic artwork by Kramer Hegenbarth, a multidisciplinary artist who works with the Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts.

With an exhibition entitled, “Flowering in the Dark,” Hegenbarth’s work explores texture, fantasy, and humor in his recent series of ceramic “Rock Monsters.” Riddled with spiky appendages, forked tongues, and caught saying “Aah,” works like “Punk Rock” and “The Creep” playfully toe the line between familiar forms and imaginary beasts. "These are very imaginative rock creatures," says Hegenbarth. "I was thinking about nature, like plants and animals, when I made them, and a little bit about Little Shop of Horrors (1986). They’re creepy-cute, and each one has its own personality. I like bright colors, the texture, and hardness and softness at the same time – like the teeth and stuff are really pointy, but the rocks are smooth." Hegenbarth has worked with Interact since 2017, and has presented work in exhibitions throughout Minnesota, including at Interact Gallery, Gamut Gallery, and the Minnesota Museum of American Art. In addition to his visual art practice, Hegenbarth is also an active member of Interact's performing arts cast.

In conjunction with the opening of Hegenbarth’s exhibition, DOG EYE PRESS will celebrate the release of three new artist-created books. The release party will include a new book by John Fleischer, “Each Thought the Other Wrong (ETTOW); and by Tom Bubul, “Painting is the Language of the Demon.” As a special publication for the exhibition, DOG EYE PRESS will facilitate the release of a small catalog featuring the ceramic works by the exhibiting artist, Kramer Hegenbarth.

Gallery Hours: 

Friday - Sunday 12-5pm - Free

Image: Kramer Hegenbarth, Brick Mouths Rock, 2023, ceramic, H 14 x W 12 x D 9 inches

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