Flower Power

Flower Power

Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery presents Flower Power.

Cream of the Crop Artists are blooming In May and June. We are thrilled to feature floral art from Cream of the Crop Artists; Ann G. Aas, Anna Stark, Crystal Shawn, Genie Castro, Jennifer Bong, Jodi Reeb, Monica Helland, Montgomery Chavez and Nicole Mueller. Our favorite artists are on display shining boldly in the gallery. Please join us Friday night, May 3 for a celebration from 5:00 - 8:00. Refreshments served. 

Featured Artists: 

Anna Stark

Jennifer Bong

Crystal Shawn

Genie Castro

Monica Helland 

Nicole Mueller

Ann G. Aas

Michael Byzewski

Montgomery Chavez

Luciana Bongiovanni

Sharon Bolmey

Paco Castro 

Diana Eicher

Cory Favre 

Greg Foley 

Desirée Forgét  

Donny Gettingher 

Greg Gossel 

Jake Zirbes

James Holmberg

Jim Clark

Suzanne Howe 

Ash Ligon 

Kate Renee

Kelly Paul 

Mio Soaps 

Moz Rude

Open Gallery Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 12:00-5:00

Thursday and Friday we are open by chance or appointment. Open for special events or just for you by calling Genie 715-338-6766 or emailing preppygenie@gmail.com 

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