Fresh Eye Gallery presents two shows in one! Fandom, a group exhibition featuring fan art that showcases our fascination with celebrities, pop culture characters, actors, musicians, and more, will be on display in conjunction with Yulemart, our annual holiday market with handmade art and gifts.

Check out more info about Yulemart on the MPLSART.COM Holiday Shopping Guide!

Gallery Hours:

Thursdays & Fridays 11 - 6 PM

Saturdays & Sundays 11-4 PM

Participating Artists:

Abby Kosberg  

Adam Peeples  

Addie Elling  

allison anne  

Amanda Webster  

Amy Wilderson  

Analeise Jarvi-Beamer  

Andrea From and Raven Mae

Angel Wagner

Anna Lucia

atelier mamako

Becca David Artist

Ben DiNino

Chad Knutson

Charles Branch Davis III

Chris Rackley

Christi Furnas

CL Martin

Colleen McLean

Denise Landry

Dorinda Tveit

Dylan Rogers

Emma Hansen

Emma Rezac

Erin Peña

Estelle Tronson

Geoffrey Welles

H Et al.

Heather Humbert

Isa Pavon-Ortiz

Isaiah Okongo

Izzy Spiess

Jack Justice IX

Jes Reyes

Jodi Janz

Jordan Oliver

Josh Odd

Josh Selvig



Kait Bartlett

KaoLee Vang

Katie Blanchard

Katie Wittenberg

Kimberly A. Laudert

Kira Elasky

Kordula Coleman

Kyle AND

Kyrstin Miller

Lacey Eidem

Lauren Strom

Lauren Walkling

Lila Westreich

Lindy Spurgeon

Madigan Cochran-Bjerke

Maria Linsday

Marissa Munley

Marissa Wegner

Marrie Bottelson

Mary Burwinkel

Mathis Edwards

Michayla Grbich

Mike Anderson

Natalie Novacek

Nathaniel Quenzer  

Obsidian Pause Wearable Paper Art

Paige Schrachta

Peter F. Hinze

Renée Boynton

Riley Kleve

Robin Schwartzman

Sally Tennant

Samael Leopold-Sullivan

Sara Fowler

Shannon Twohy

Sketzel Art

Stace of Spades

Stacie Sampson

sumpf geist

Tami Reeves

The Art of A Prince

Tom D McLaughlin

Van Nguyen

Vicki Olson

Wendy Eggerman

+ More

Image: (Detail) Lacey Eidem

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