Diversion: Definitions and synonyms
Changing course: departure, detour, deviation,
alteration, digression, turning, variation
Entertainment/recreation: distraction, pastime, pleasure, gratification, relaxation

To open Homewood's summer season of shows, they are offering an enticing and diverse group of artists who, after meeting each other in a class taught by artist Deborah Foutch, have continued to work with, encourage and support each other for several years.  One of the group, Laura DuFrane Murphy, is one of their resident studio artistes.

About their work, they write:
Our individual visual art is diverse—we all have different visions even at times when we use similar mediums or explore similar subjects. Through these years, we have grown in our abilities, sometimes altered artistic direction or just learned to explore new ideas as we shared our creative process with one another.

This exhibit celebrates our long-term connection with one another. These works illustrate how art was a diversion from the pandemic stresses as we retreated into studios to work alone. Some of us focused on adhering to the artistic paths on which we began; others deviated into a new artistic direction. We all have been fed by the creative force and continue to honor our connection to it and to one another. 

Gallery Hours

Tuesday 5-9 p.m.
Wednesday and Friday 1-6 p.m.
Saturday 1-4 p.m.

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