contrapunctual | Na Mira

contrapunctual | Na Mira

Midway Contemporary launches a new gallery space in Northeast with an exhibition of work by Na Mira

contrapunctual begins a series of 16mm holographic film installations imagining scenes of White Dust From Mongolia, the unfinished project of late artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. An afterimage, a double projection, a fourth dimension, a Memento Mori between always and already. Featuring artist Hanna Hur in the role of Character #2 and filmed in a historic Los Angeles cinema, contrapunctual engages the speculative poetics of memory, diaspora and space-time in Cha’s archives and Mira’s traces. When first recording a scene of White Dust in 2020, sounds began hissing from a microphone Mira made with a latex tube soaked in Mugwort. This reverse transmission, later audible as 1540 AM Radio Korea, has been playing ever since: a stuttering rhythm of clipped talk, baseball, bells, pop and white noise rising and looping in conversation with Mira’s own voice will accompany the film. A magazine of rememory and research by Mira including tesseracts, dreams, Feng Shui, and pink is produced by PROVENCE as part of the SS22 issue and will be available at the exhibition.

Na Mira grew up between the U.S. and East Asia and lives in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions, screenings, and performances include Whitney Museum of American Art, The Kitchen, Participant Inc., Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, ArtSpace Sydney, ICA London, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and Parkview/Paul Soto. Wendy’s Subway will publish a collection of her writing this Fall.

Editors Note: This exhibition takes place at Midway's new exhibition space at 1509 NE Marshall Street. 

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