Carnets de Voyage

Carnets de Voyage

Join Vaaler Galerie for a group expo featuring sketches by artists who have traveled to France and around the world!

According to Pascale Argod, travel diary specialist, "le carnet de voyage” is the visual and literary story of an exploration, which oscillates between graphic art, journalism, human sciences and poetry.

A sketch (un croquis) is a drawing made quickly, freehand, without looking for details in order to identify in broad strokes, the essence of the subject, the motif; often made from nature.

On view will be various sketches both large and small showing iconic and quotidian views of France and other countries. A carnet de voyage is a French tradition of creating an illustrated  travel journal using mediums such as watercolor and  pen and ink. During this opening night, the artists will have their journals on view! Don’t miss this opportunity to see these beautiful sketches! 

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