Carlota Gay-Rabinstein | Women Through Their Eyes

Carlota Gay-Rabinstein | Women Through Their Eyes

Women Through Their Eyes is a solo exhibition featuring a series of watercolor portraits accompanying a singular acrylic painting on polytab fabric.

The collection of female faces represents a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, portraying women from many backgrounds and walks of life in Gay’s signature style. From fantastical imaginations to representations directly inspired by members of the Rochester community, this body of work invokes a gamut of sensations and stories through their evocative faces and oversized eyes. 

About the Artist

Argentinian-born artist Carlota Gay studied art at Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Dr. Figueroa Alcorta in Cordoba, Argentina while attending medical school. After graduating with her MD she moved to the United States and she is currently based in Rochester.

During the isolation and confinement of COVID-19, Gay reignited her passion for drawing and watercolor painting, discovering in her creations the power to speak without talking. Her signature style of female portraiture features exaggerated eyes that evoke emotion and depth of expression, while remaining singular and unique. Through them, Gay works to illustrate her belief that we talk with our eyes, even when they are closed.

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This activity is made possible through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in cooperation with a private foundation. 

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