Fresh Eye Gallery presents BRUSHWORK, a showcase of Fresh Eye painters.

While each painter has an original style, their work is united by distinct vision and passion for the medium.  

About the Artists:

Marrie Bottelson’s playful cat portraits and floral paintings create an inviting fantasy world. Kittens, sunshine, and other scenes from nature are shown with bold shapes and bright colors. Peaceful, summery backgrounds surround her subjects in warmth and love. Marrie generously invites the viewer to share in the happiness and positivity that she feels when she paints.  

Aaron Delaney’s paintings focus on process and intuition. Dense areas of marks capture the motion and energy of Aaron’s hand. Zoom in, and viewers can focus on lush layers of linework, brushstrokes, and color. Zoom out, and you’ll see a visual record of the kinetic process used to create Aaron’s exuberant abstract paintings. 

Kira Elasky is inspired by her love of pop culture to create mystical, iconic paintings. Occult symbols share space with celerity portraits, animals, and magic creations. The eye contact of her subjects is directed toward the viewer, and not the incredible events happening in the background, inviting us to take the fantastic for granted.  

Dan Stallworth creates vivid, abstract colorscapes. Using adaptive headgear, Dan layers swaths of color in an intuitive, organic way. His work slowly reveals itself throughout the process. Dan is inspired by his Christian faith and loving memory of his wife, Sally. 

Paul Macharia amazes viewers with his realistically rendered portraits of animals. His masterful lighting and sharp detail give a sense of drama and gravity to each of the moments he captures. Unlike in the wild or on film, Paul’s paintings give you the chance to slow down and truly appreciate the beauty and personality of the natural world. 

Eddie Twait’s work is a complex document of his life and history: names, dates, and locations of events that have personal and historic significance are mingled with portraits and landscapes of people and places that matter to Eddie. Real and imagined scenes are combined with a detailed, architectural approach that draws the viewer into Eddie’s world.  

Fresh Eye Arts is a fine arts program that supports artists with disabilities. We are a service offered by MSS, a day services provider that serves the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota. We provide the opportunity for artists to explore, learn, create, show, and sell their work. Fresh Eye artists are self-driven and are supported in their professional development. We provide artists with high quality materials and access to art facilities that include screen printing, ceramics, and more. Our program is designed and supported by professional teaching artists. 

Gallery Hours:

Thurs & Fri 11 AM - 6 PM 

Sat & Sun 11 AM - 4 PM 

CLOSED Dec 28 - 31 

Art credit : Aaron Delaney  

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