Blank Slate

Blank Slate

Gamut Gallery’s first exhibition in their new virtual reality gallery

Gamut Gallery & REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory are excited to announce Blank Slate, Gamut Gallery’s first virtual reality (VR) exhibition set to open on Friday August 7th. 

Blank Slate features Arianne Zager, Aaron Schmitz, Black Daze, Derek Meier, Evan Weselmann, Maiya Lee Hartman, Neal Breton, Ron Brown, and Yuta Uchida. 

On opening weekend, Blank Slate features an innovative experiential event, attendees will be shocked as they enter an empty gallery bearing only blank walls. Once the attendees put on fully immersive VR headsets (facilitated by REM5) the gallery will be transformed with bright, bold colors, abstract line works and portraits with a non traditional ideation in our new virtual environment. This mind-bending format is the first of its kind.

In a virtual exhibition space, created by Brian Skalak of REM5, Gamut has been digitally simulated to look and feel like our Minneapolis based brick-and-mortar. Identical to our traditional exhibitions, the works will be curated and "hung" on the replicated walls. Additionally, the show will be accessible all over the world for those who wish to enter from the comfort of their own homes via laptop, cell phone or VR headset.

Designing virtual places to gather, discover community & enjoy art is the direction that spaces like ours will be heading in the future, hence this is Blank Slate, a time for new ideation and beginnings. As many of us have participated in creative, alternate art avenues through live streams, Zoom meetings & Instagram take-overs, we believe the VR world will transcend us to the immersive connections we have been missing, while also introducing folks from around the world to our community and art at Gamut Gallery.

If you have visited our space before, we cannot wait to get together again in this new innovative virtual experience. Even when this pandemic is over, Gamut’s VR world will continue to be a sister experience to physical art exhibitions moving forward. Please join us for this special inaugural event, Blank Slate, Friday, August 7th from 5-9:30pm, as we step into the future.

ABOUT REM5: REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory is a full-service, vertically integrated immersive technology company. Founded in 2017, REM5 operates a flagship event space in St. Louis Park, MN that serves over 10,000 guests a year. REM5's impact-driven arm, REM5 For Good, is a global leader in using VR to enhance K-12 education, arts, and social equity initiatives.

Additional Dates
Elliot Park Art Walk: Saturday, August 15th 2020 - FREE // 1-4pm Tour begins at Finnegans, leading through Elliot Park & the Elliot Park Arts Quarter Return to FINNEGANS for live painting by Reggie LeFlore

RSVP today, 8 spots available per time slot • Face Masks Required
Celebrate a summer day with amazing local art, laughs & local Twin Cities Makers Las Ranas Jewelry, Sweeney Brown, Thraxis Threads, Martzia Thometz & Cross Stitches by Juliana!

FREE open hours Wednesday - Friday 11am - 5pm

Official hashtags: #BlankSlate

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