Behind the Poster

Behind the Poster

Virtual artist talk for the finale of "From Us : Together Forever Sometimes"

Hosted by Cassie Garner + MPLSART

Join Here Wednesday May 27, 7-8PM

Learn more about the designers in a series of 3 minute clips as they discuss their selection process in choosing their poem while not knowing if it had been written by Molly-Margaret Johnson and/or Kareem Rahma, their experience interpreting poetry to visual design and what is was like as an artist in this exhibition.

 Alexis Politz // @alexispolitz
 Anne Ulku // @aulku
 Evan Weselmann // @evan.weselmann
 Destiny Davison // @destinyadavison
 Gina McMillen // Gina McMillen: Art + Illustration
 Fiona Avocado // Fiona Avocado Art
 Ted Kusio //  @digitalwheelie
 Nicholas Straightl // @n_straight
 Maximilian Mauracher // @mxmlnmrchr
 Sara Paul Kahn // @sarapaulbunyan
 Melissa Sisk // @sisk_meli

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