BEHIND \ in front

BEHIND \ in front

Form + Content Gallery Presents new paintings, drawings and ceramic work by Marty Nash and Daryn Lowman, alluding to all that remains (behind)—in memory and in the studio.

About the Artists

Artist’s Statement: Marty Nash
The literal representation of a subject in my work is less important than its abstract shape, its gesture, occupation of space or speed of the mark making. I am continually inspired by a small cadre of forms, colors and expression of line, derived from both recognizable and non-literal references—harvested it seems, from personal memory-traces. The art critic Phillip Rawson in referring to this term, first coined by Carl Jung, writes “…these memory-traces are accumulated based on our sensory experience and remain charged with vestiges of the original emotions…which may never reach the sphere of word formation….”  When I am using these particular remnants, I am able to create work which has the potential to give me a feeling that in religious terms is referred to as transcendence. Each of us can, through some kind of recognition stemming from the image and connecting with our  personal life experiences, be moved by art. Clive Bell, another 20th century critic, referred to this aesthetic emotion as emanating from the significant form found in any meaningful work of art—whether recognizable or totally abstract. Knowing this gives me the sense I share something with others—the power to feel, through ordinary means, something which lifts me beyond my rational experience. All of the works are hung without frames—leaving the surfaces vulnerable while demonstrating the ephemeral nature of the process and leaving open the potential for change.

Artist’s Biography
Marty Nash received her MFA in painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and her BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Minnesota. She was a founding member of WARM Gallery (Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota), and is currently a member of Form+Content Gallery. Her work has been in numerous one-person and group exhibitions (including the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, St. Catherine University; the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota; Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis; Minneapolis College of Art and Design Gallery; Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis; Duluth Art Institute and the Harry M. Drake Gallery, St. Paul), with work in both public and private collections. 

Artist’s Statement: Daryn Lowman
In the studio, I work to create a narrative by exploring a range of working methods. Each decision and technique builds on the story and individuality of each piece. By constructing an inventory of parts, shapes, and surfaces, I am able to draw from a storehouse of possibilities. I bring to my work a synthesis of experiences in studio endeavors, life travels, and a rhythm of how to insert them into my work. As I look back over 25 years of making and exploring ceramic processes, it is interesting to see the consistent identity of the vessel and the influence of pottery from Japan and Shigaraki wares. As I recognized this and other influences from ceramic history, I began to isolate the tactile and formal characteristics of these works.

Constantine Brancusi wrote, “Theories are patterns without value, what counts is action.”  My working style is motivated by process and action. My ceramic projects often begin with exploration—by working with clay at different stages and exploring a variety of starting points for a single idea. I continue to use a variety of ceramic techniques and strive to generate nuanced references to historical ceramics and natural formations. I work to visually demonstrate the intuitive nature of building, removing, tearing, stacking, and compiling shapes, processes, colors and textures. Currently, the work is defined by the sequence of steps, the variety of shapes and the allowance of time. My goal is to bring a broader conclusion to the work, both physically and conceptually.

Artist’s Biography
Daryn Lowman holds an MFA in ceramics and sculpture from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities and a BA in ceramics from the University of Alaska–Fairbanks.  He lives and works in St. Paul, Minnesota and maintains a wood kiln at Night Owl Farm in North Branch, Minnesota. He teaches classes in Ceramics, Design and Sculpture at Saint Paul Academy and Summit School.

Gallery Hours: 

Thursday – Saturday, 12:00 – 6:00 pm and by appointment

Free and open to the public

Image:  Left diptych: Marty Nash, Provoking Indifference, diptych, mixed media, 6.75 x 9.5 in.  
Right: Daryn Lowman, Container Orange, wood fired white stoneware, 3D printer filament, 11 x 9 x 9 in. 


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