…baby one more time | Jesse Green

…baby one more time | Jesse Green

Cryptid Hair Parlour presents an exhibit of new artwork by Jesse Green with support by Otherworldly Arts Collective

…baby one more time | a solo exhibit of resin pour art objects + B-sides by Jesse Green

The defiantly self-taught, obsessively refined innovations of Jesse Green's largely undiscovered oeuvre were developed over the past two decades, within a self-imposed vacuum from professional feedback or criticism. Always more excited by the raw materials of his craft than popular acclaim or exposure, he resisted marketing, capital gain, and even the use of modern technologies, in his isolated pursuit of a singular and pure artistic vision.

In 2020, fearful his brand of iconoclasm was afflicted with mediocrity, Jesse began to forge a bold new form of expression: pouring thick layers of artist resin, deep pour resin, and bar top epoxy over his personal collection of genre-spanning, framed pictures. Using his own, ‘perpetually unfinished’ paintings as a takeoff point (many already works-in-progress for 10+ years), he incorporated traditional as well as cutting edge materials and techniques in his resin pours—adding new colors, forms and dimensionality through which to view the (finally?) permanent images of his mind's eye.

Come all ye dancers, connoisseurs, heretics, freeloaders, trendsetters and trailblazers: fixate your eyes on the comp apps and bevs that have been provided for all, and marvel at the artist's haircut, while you dutifully half-listen to his secularist musings and toss him a bone of praise as he hurries to catch his breath. Jesse Green and his art loving hosts invite you to toast collaboration and creativity at a public closing reception held at Cryptid Hair Parlour on Memorial Day weekend.

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