Art Passports On Parade

Art Passports On Parade

Experience Art-A-Whirl in a new way with Art To Change the World's Art Passports

Every year Art-A-Whirl draws over 40k visitors to the NE Arts District, which was voted the number one arts district in the country for the last two years. This year the non-profit, Art to Change the World, will be introducing Art Passports on Parade as an opportunity to visit artists who belong to Art to Change the World, in their studios during Art-A-Whirl May 17-19, 2024.  Hours: Friday 5-9, Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-5.

You can pick up a FREE Art Passport at the new ACW office and meeting space at 699 Lowry Ave NE. Upstairs. Follow the ACW signs. NOTE!  Room to park your car there on Monroe St!

There will be a FREE shuttle, driven by Eric Boyum from Boyum’s Enlightening Art Services, looping around from Lowry/Monroe to Solar Arts and Casket Arts Building  all three days. Once you are at Casket Arts,it will plug you into the Art-A-Whirl trolly route. Click here for map:

Next, you will visit at least 10 of the participating ACW artists in Solar Arts, The Casket Building, The Carriage House, The California Building, The Northrup King Building and Flux Arts to see their work, interact with the artist, scope out what work you might choose if you win and have them stamp your Art Passport. Most artists will also host activities in their studios.

Once you have collected 10 or more stamps you may turn in the last page back into the ACW Office at 699 Lowry to be entered into a drawing for $500 worth of art from an Art Passports on Parade participating ACW artist of your choice.

There will only be 100 Art Passports so be sure to get yours early.
The winner will be notified by May 26, 2024. 

Flux Arts 699 Lowry Ave NE Upper – Pick Up and Drop off Passport
ACW Office, Come and learn all about Art to Change the World
Josh Blanc, Tile Artisan, 2505 Howard St NE
Layl McDill, Mixed Media and Polymer Clay
Kelly Frankenberg, Painting and various others
Barbara Bridges, Sculpture and Mixed Media
Rebecca David, Paintings, Mixed Media

Solar Arts -2nd Floor 
Natalie McGuire, Mixed Media, Photography, mosaic stained glass art Studio 205
Lucy Schroepfer/Luce Quilts, Textile Paintings/Patchwork Necessities Studio 215
Debra Ripp, Mixed Media Studio 205
Madeline (Lin) Boemer, Acrylic/Digital Painting
Fox Den Gallery – ACW Group Show
Rose Cooper, Painter
Catherine A. Palmer, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media Studio 205
Frances Bates, Found Object Sculptor

Carriage House / Casket Arts
Anna Karena, Painting, mixed media Studio 200
Sara Hanson, WOW Mobile Metal Lab/cast metal

Northrup King Building
Paul Kellett, Mixed Media Abstract Painting 210

California Building
Candy Kuehn, Art Yardage – Iphotography art prints 200C
Marko Fields, Ceramicist, Musician, Mojo Coffee Gallery Owner

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