Architecture and Migration is an exhibition by Somali Architecture, a platform dedicated to raising awareness of Somali heritage sites.

Opening Thursday, June 27, 5 PM
w/ sounds by Yasmeenah 

This initiative explores both historical and contemporary sites in need of preservation and the Somali migration since the 1990s. 

The exhibition features 3D models of Mogadishu sites, including both indigenous and colonial architectures, film presentations showcasing pre-war Mogadishu, maps illustrating the global spread of the Somali diaspora, and statistics highlighting the size and diversity of Somali communities worldwide.

Architecture and Migration invites audiences to reflect on the interrelation of identity, spatial context, and built form. The exhibition is a tribute to the enduring spirit and cultural legacy of the Somali people and their history.

General  Hours:
Saturday     1 - 5 PM

Sunday       1 - 5 PM

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