Form + Content Gallery presents the first of two exhibitions of work by gallery members and interns.

Form + Content Gallery presents Apart/Together, a group exhibition of work in a variety of media by gallery members and interns. There is a quiet sense of urgency to be found in the exhibition; a closing of the gaps between the past and the present, the seemingly mundane and the deeply significant. Let us ask one thing of art, the works seem to be saying: just a shred of clarity so desperately needed in this moment. Chris Cinque shows a glowing mixed media work, Respiration, that breathes with the light of human possibilities. In a visual journal of media both consumed and produced, William Lanzillo brings into focus the connections between racism and representation. Joyce Lyon’s landscape barely controls the shimmering light it contains, transforming the art into a spiritual offering. For Anavi Mullick, the act of painting the people she sees becomes a bridge that connects her to the social fabric, rising above the expanse of isolation. Inspired by her visit to Pompeii, Marty Nash creates paintings that evoke relics of the ash-covered past as a harbinger of the present. A survivor of the Dachau concentration camp peers out of a portrait by Howard Oransky, seemingly asking the same question over and over again. Through a process of artistic housekeeping, Mark Ostapchuck takes stock of his creative vision and finds value in unexpected places.

Exhibition Dates
August 6 – September 26, 2020
Open by appointment: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 1:00 – 5:00 pm. To make an appointment, please email the gallery giving the date and time frame that you anticipate visiting the Gallery. Your appointment will be confirmed via email. formandcontent@gmail.com

Virtual Artist Talk
Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 8:00 pm CDT via Zoom.
A "tour" of the exhibition by the artists will include questions and answers. The talk will be about one hour long. To sign up for this Virtual Artists' Talk and receive an invitation link, please email formandcontent@gmail.com by 12 noon on September 15

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