Artist Talk | Aesthetics of an Uprising

Artist Talk | Aesthetics of an Uprising

Artist Amina Harper envisions rebuilding our cities outside of and away from colonization through an aesthetic and historical lens.

Editors Note: This artist talk will take place on MPLSART's new artist focused video platform. To join the event, click here.

If the future is to be reformed with the racial and cultural values we say we want, then we have to take our time to hear, see, and feel the aesthetics of other worlds. This event will attempt to take inventory of the processes of constructing new spaces, where that process is, where it shouldn't be, and where it can go. How do art, architecture, interior design, and landscaping function in rebuilding our cities outside of and away from colonization? Where will the funding come from, and where should it go? And how do we learn and unlearn the aesthetics that have held cultures hostages, and how do we set ourselves free?

About Amina Harper
Amina Harper is a visual artist born in Minneapolis, MN where she currently works and resides. She began her career in 2010 and has been developing an extensive exhibition history. Harper is as talented at conceptualization as she is at draftsmanship, and her work is lush, detailed, narrative driven and wholly fantastical, romantic, and bizarre. She is currently in the process of adding acrylic painting to her long list of artistic skill sets.

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