Age of Age

Age of Age

10 teams of Artists 20 years (or more) Apart in Age Create Artwork Exploring Ageism and Aging

No matter your age you probably think about age. Do you feel old one day and then young another? Are you treated differently because of your age or your “perceived age”? Art to Change the World will present a social justice art exhibit at Homewood Studios on the theme of ageism. This exhibit will include ten teams of 2 artists that have a 20-year age difference.  Artists range in age from 25 to 103!  

Artist teams are as follows: Bronwyn Waid and Rebecca David, Madalina Kelner and Layl McDill, Cory Favre and  Nina Martine Robinson, Catherine Palmer and Marie, George Roberts  and Nora Poole, Ashley Richardson and Owen Brown, Candy Kuehn and Suzanne Simmalavong, Kelly Frankenberg and Jacqueline Swanson, Barbara Bridges and Scorpio (Brian Serrano), Linda Sharpe and Rose Jean Sharpe. 

Themes explored include societal reaction to different generations, comparing memories of childhood from the vantage point of age, fear of aging, discovering art at an advanced age, ageism through clothing, imagined communications with younger and older self and more.  Artists working in a wide range of media such as painting and sculpture, poetry, found sculpture, collage, video and photography.  

Opening Reception July 8 starting at 5:30
Opening night will include two comedians performing about their experiences with ageism and aging.  

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