801 Gallery’s 51st Art Opening

801 Gallery’s 51st Art Opening

801 Gallery’s 51st Art Opening with artists Uzoma Obasi, Shell Jiang, Terry McDaniel, John Rajtar.

Opening Reception: 

Saturday, February 24th from 6:00-9:00 pm
Come to enjoy art, live music and complimentary wine, beverages and chocolate!

Music by Ukrainian Village Band 

Ukrainian roots and Zabava Band


Featured Artists:

Uzoma Obasi, 3rd floor

My paintings are a vibrant celebration of the human natures desire to seek achievement, capturing the essence of our unique journeys and the emotional depth behind our success through abstract expressions of color, shape, and line. Each brushstroke explores the complex tapestry of feelings associated with their accomplishments, from the raw intensity of challenges to the exhilarating highs of their triumphs. Through this visual exploration, I aim to inspire viewers to connect with their resilience and spirit, encouraging a reflection on the pursuit of greatness.


John Rajtar, 2nd floor

I have been blessed with a gift, one that enables me to take the ordinary and transform it is extraordinary. I write in the ancestral language of nature, opening a window between worlds.


Shell Jiang, 1st floor

I am observing and thinking when I take photos. When the moment it clicks, I feel the connection between me and the subject, be it a frozen lake that was once filled with vigorous movement, be it a landscape that evokes emotion, or a scene that is deliberately focused or defocused.  


Terry McDaniel, 1st floor

My photographs document the last of the Lakota spiritual leader, Jim Miller's Dakota 38+2 Memorial ride in 2023. The images share the depth of the spiritual connection of the riders and their horses as they travel in cold weather to commemorate their ancestors hanged in Mankato Minnesota on December 26th after the US Dakota War in 1862.


Gallery Hours:

By appointment: 801lofts@gmail.com or 612-747-2313 

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