801 Gallery Exhibition

801 Gallery Exhibition

801 Gallery presents an exhibition with artists Jim Ockuly, Ben Gessner, and Meleck Davis

801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year. The three-story atrium and public space is a gallery, Art at 801, to local and national artists who display their work on an ongoing basis.

Art and artisans change every four months to display new talent and media. Gallery openings offer residents and the association a chance to open their doors to friends, family and others who want to support our local art community.

About the Artists:

Jim Ockuly
I’m showing two sets of paintings, which I made more than 30 years apart. They have similar themes, elements, color palette, and graphic style. I’ve always been curious about what it means to be human. I’m still learning. 

Ben Gessner
As a child I felt deeply, innocently, connected to the land around me in rural southeastern Minnesota; as an adult I learned much more about the violence that the land held and the people who were harmed so that I could later experience this joyful connection. When I draw and paint landscapes, what I see before me competes with - sometimes tears apart - my loving nostalgia and memory, in the same way new knowledge and truths displace innocent understandings. 

Meleck Davis
This collection reimagines the art and objects that filled my childhood home. I conflated my young aesthetic, science-fiction, anime and pop-music, with items from my parents' collections. These pieces also represent, for me, the meditative exercise of creation. I allowed myself to focus on the joy of the process and to trust it to be an equal partner of the end result. 

North Loop Art Walk Sat Oct 14th 6PM - 8PM
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