2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial

2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial

An exhibition of MCAD faculty showcasing the breadth of the faculty’s expertise and offering audience members multiple opportunities for remote engagement

Throughout the fall MCAD will be spotlighting the art and research undertaken by both full- and part-time faculty in the Arts Entrepreneurship, Design, Fine Arts, Media Arts, and Liberal Arts Departments as well as the graduate programs in Graphic and Web Design, Sustainable Design, and Visual Studies. The 2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial will feature a wide variety of media and formats that will showcase the breadth of the faculty’s expertise and offer audience members multiple opportunities for remote engagement.

See MCAD's website for a full list of associated virtual artist talks and presentations. 

Participating Faculty:

  • Robert James Algeo
  • Betsy Alwin
  • Jaime Anderson
  • Michael Banning
  • Kim Benson
  • Arlene Birt
  • Erik Brandt
  • Ed Charbonneau
  • Anna Chisholm
  • Zoe Cinel
  • Jason Coyle
  • Jessica M. Dandona
  • Genevieve DeLeon
  • Luke Erickson
  • Shannon Estlund
  • Gretchen Gasterland-Gustafsson
  • Shannon Gilley
  • Regan Golden
  • Leslie Grant
  • Chris A. Gruszka
  • George Hoaglund
  • Emily Hoisington
  • Monroe Isenberg
  • Brad Jirka
  • Michael Kareken
  • Avigail Manneberg
  • Paula McCartney
  • Ben Moren
  • Erin Moren
  • Kindra Murphy
  • Katie Maren Nelson
  • Kelli Nelson
  • Alison Nowak
  • Howard Quednau
  • Emmett Ramstad
  • Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez
  • Gerald Ronning
  • Stephen Rueff
  • Gabriel Ruegg
  • Rik Sferra
  • Aki Shibata
  • Kristin Solid
  • Piotr Szyhalski
  • Katherine Turczan
  • Julie Van Grol
  • Elisabeth Workman
  • Jacob Yeates

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