wonder/wander and Deferred Grievance

wonder/wander and Deferred Grievance

Two solo shows by local artists Ashely Peifer and Betsy Ruth ByersEvent Website

Mar 30th - Mar 31st, 2019
Sat Mar 30th, 2019 7PM - 9PM CST
Rosalux Gallery
1400 Van Buren Street NE #195
Minneapolis ( map )

Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by local artists Ashely Peifer and Betsy Ruth Byers. In wonder/wander, Ashely Peifer creates a personal pictorial language through the lens of curiosity and play.

" My practice seeks to reclaim the deep playfulness of childhood amidst the anxiety that our fast-paced world causes for me. My goal is to capture the fleeting and immaterial nature of personal memories and translate them into the material realm of pattern, color, and form which helps me hold onto them a little more tightly."
— Ashely Peifer

Deferred Grievance
My studio practice explores the symbiotic relationship between our bodies and the surrounding environment. The work births from potent encounters with the natural world, anchored in the relationship between perception, landscape and cultural consciousness."
— Betsy Ruth Byers

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