Water Flows, Life Blooms Exhibition

Water Flows, Life Blooms Exhibition

Japanese artist Mayumi Amada’s exhibition “Water Flows, Life Blooms” centers around water and environmentalism.

Mayumi Amada’s recent work is focused on eternity and the circle of life through the lens of mortality. She is also trying to find the meaning of ephemeral life. Water is an important sub-theme, since water is the basis of life on our earth and has its own lifecycle. Amada often uses recycled plastic materials such as plastic bottles and grocery bags as they are deeply related to the theme. Recycled materials and a water theme led her to environmental art which has become a very important aspect of her work. Through her work, she is hoping that the viewers have a moment to think about their own lives, and motivate them to consider what they want to or need to do to lead a fulfilling life.


Thursday, October 7, 6:30-8:30 PM
Wayne Potratz is a Professor Emeritus and former chairman of the art department at the University of Minnesota. He will speak with exhibiting artist, Mayumi Amada about her artistic practice at 7:00 PM. Registration is required.

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