Valuing Portraiture

Valuing Portraiture

The Approaches of Nine Twin Cities PaintersEvent Website

Jan 12th - Mar 2nd, 2019
Sat Jan 12th, 2019 6PM - 9PM CST
Douglas Flanders & Associates
818 West Lake St
Minneapolis ( map )

Douglas Flanders & Associates presents a unique exhibition of portrait paintings by nine Twin Cities-based artists, each with an individually masterful approach.

This exhibition features the original portrait painting styles of Kristi Bretzke, Todd Clercx, Louise Gillis, Luke Hillestad, Richard Kochenash, Steven J. Levin, Paul Oxborough and Lois Rhomberg. All are masters at capturing the essential character of their subjects in unique ways.

The tradition of portrait painting in the West dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. From early heroic and idealistic representations to later realistic depictions, portraiture was key to recording the human presence. Portrait painting style has continued to evolve through the centuries, and still today offers more varied expressive opportunities than the flatness of photographs.

Kristi Bretzke displays her expertise in using light to evoke emotion and mood in her portraits. Classical in the tradition of the great masters but contemporary and straightforward, her portraits engage the viewer on numerous levels by stirring up compassion for her subjects, revealing their strengths, and even suggesting individual worldviews through their eyes.

Todd Clercx is a contemporary impressionist, he brings out the light emanating from the colors of everyday life. Each of his expressive portraits is as distinct as the individuals in them. Clerx captures the personality and life in his subjects, allowing us to feel we really know them.

Louise Gillis is a classically trained painter who uses her knowledge of impressionistic color theory to create vibrancy and depth in her intimate portraits.

Luke Hillestad employs the limited palette of 4th century master Apelles of Kos (earth-based white, yellow, red and black) to paint portraits that seem to breathe with individual vitality. His skilled use of chiaroscuro offers potential for narrative and mystery.

Richard Kochenash, a plein air artist whose oil paintings capture his surroundings with gestural impressionistic force, complements his knowledge of his human subjects with preliminary photographs in painting portraits that reveal a sense of time and expression in each individual.

Jeffrey T. Larson is a classically trained artist renowned for adeptly capturing in his paintings the simple and beautiful pleasures of contemporary life. His portraits are luminous, painterly, open and fresh. 

Steven J. Levin is Classical Realist painter trained in traditional atelier techniques similar to those of 19th century Paris. With a deep reverence for beauty and a thorough understanding of light and form, Levin’s paintings reveal his keen sense of space, dimension and atmosphere.

Paul Oxborough is a thoughtful deliberate painter with the skill to capture the exact quality of light from any source. He prefers to paint scenes that are still, the figures at rest from recent activity.

Lois Rhomberg paints people in large and small format, emphasizing their life spirit as well as their physical presence. Her portraits are known for their sensitive drawing, lively color and emotional presence.

Numerous paintings by each artist are displayed in the exhibition, creating a veritable salon-style emporium of approaches to the portrait. Such a contemporary approach to presenting the time-honored tradition of portraiture is unique to the history of gallery exhibitions in the Twin Cities. Commissions are encouraged and can be arranged through Douglas Flanders & Associates.

Image Credit: Steven J Levin, Self-portrait

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