Shaping a Creative Life

Shaping a Creative Life

Catherine G. Murphy West Gallery presents an exhibition by the faculty and staff of the Department of Art and Art History.

Inspired by a new series of courses offered in the Department of Art and Art History that invite students to build their creative lives through inquiry, imagination and action, Shaping a Creative Life asks faculty and staff to share the ongoing content, questions, themes and methods of their creative practices. Featuring a variety of art forms that range from photography, painting, and printmaking to drawing, textiles, sculpture and installation, these artist-scholars reflect on identity, loss and resilience, and the concurrence of hope and despair. They explore memory, intimacy, mortality and in-betweenness. They situate their work within their experiences as artists and educators, seeking to understand themselves, their communities and the world through their art. 

Featured Artists

Jennifer Adam, Lys Akerman-Frank, Carol Lee Chase, Todd Deutsch, Amy Hamlin, Bethany Rahn and Monica Rudquist 

Gallery Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday-Sunday: Noon - 6pm

Image: Todd Deutsch, Confluence, 2022, inkjet print, 22”x 38”

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