Red Hot Workshop-Hot Metal Hearts: Together and Apart

Red Hot Workshop-Hot Metal Hearts: Together and Apart

Back by popular demand, Red Hot Workshops are free hands-on arts workshops in the gardens of Stevens Square-Loring Heights, facilitated by teaching artists.

Get together with your bestie or loved one and create a custom aluminum casting! Your design will be scratched into a resin-sand scratch tile in the shape of the interlocking pieces of a "best-friend" heart.

These workshops are sign-up required and first-come-first-serve. Sign up here!

RHA started in 2001 as a two-day festival featuring art, food and music in the only park in Stevens Sqare-Loring Heights (SS-LH), and organized by Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO). This year Red Hot is celebrating 20 years with 20 events running from June to October - both in the park and throughout the neighborhood. This year our theme is “Embracing the Fabric of Humanity Through Art” - we believe art plays a vital role in the strengthening and healing of a community, and so we hope to use our platform here at Red Hot Art to promote healing, unity, and build solidarity amongst neighbors. Check out the full calendar at


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