POCOAPOCO presents works by eight Oaxacan multidisciplinary artists whose varying mediums and perspectives demonstrate the critical and widespread presence of printmaking in Oaxaca.

Utilizing print as an opportunity to unite their practice and voice, the artists in this exhibition connect around a shared desire to critique and communicate the rapid transformations of their territory, city, and home. Que Conste / For the Record challenges the limits of the medium stemming from possibilities provided by language, playing with the translation and definitions of print from English (printmaking - an artistic process) to Spanish (grabado - recorded or engraved).  Based in Oaxaca’s comprehensive, historical and often quite fluid relationship to the discipline, this exhibition allows artists and viewers alike to reexamine their relationship to the practice of printmaking, in which grabado es un punto de encuentro (a meeting point), un recurso (a resource), una forma de repetición (a form of repetition) una comunidad (a community) la tradición (the tradition), una registro (a recording) un punto de acceso (an access point) una traducción (a translation) una lengua en común (a common language) y una voz compartida (and a shared voice).

Artists and artwork involved in the project: 

Que Conste / For the Record includes work by Marco Antonio Velasco Martínez (printmaker and educator), Ana Hernández (visual artist), Adriana Monterrubio (textile artist), Evelyn Méndez Maldonado (dancer and performer), José Ángel Santiago (drawer and painter), Martha Alicia Jiménez Sánchez (ceramic artist), Santiago Rojo (sculptor, drawer, and photographer), and Yatiní Dominguéz (visual and performance artist). 

Artwork for the show includes a combination of art styles that merge traditional techniques of printmaking with the artists' various artistic practices, such as sculpture, pottery, drawing, painting, and performance. 

Most of the artists will be at Highpoint Center for Printmaking for the opening reception and events. And artist Marco Antonio Velasco Martínez will be at Highpoint for an additional month working in the co-op print shop learning about various techniques, creating artwork, and teaching a Spanish-language Watercolor Monoprinting workshop.

Pocoapoco is an arts and cultural organization approaching creative practice as a means to further exploration, opportunity, and connection between individuals, cultures, and communities.  Based in Oaxaca, our residency and programs bring together local and international artists and creative thinkers across all fields, offering a platform for fundamental reflection, creation, and dialogue.  pocoapocomx.com

Image: Marco Antonio Velasco, Registro de la presión sobre el cuerpo #9 (Record of the pressure on the body #9), 2022

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