Prints on Ice 2022

Prints on Ice 2022

Highpoint Center for Printmaking presents Prints on Ice, featuring recent work made by 36 members from Highpoint’s artist cooperative.

Prints on Ice features recent work made by 36 members from Highpoint’s artist cooperative. The exhibition prints incorporate all manner of techniques and styles, including large-scale woodcuts, lithographs, screenprints, monotypes, and more! Most work will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition. Many of the participating artists will be present for the opening reception, so it is a great chance to meet the people making the work!

Artists and artwork involved in the project:

The Highpoint Cooperative Printshop currently hosts 70+ individual makers, from self-taught artists to life-long makers, educators, Jerome Residents, McKnight Fellows, scholarship recipients, Highpoint interns, and more! It is a vibrant and active community brought together by the love of printmaking processes. The cooperative printshop first opened in 2001, and a few of the members in this exhibition have been printing and taking classes at Highpoint since the very beginning!

Artists include: 

Emiy Bader, Megan Bakke, Jeffry Berger, Kristin Bickal, Josh Bindewald, Lynnette Black, Lynn Bollman, Ben Capp, Pamela Carberry, Roan Childress, Beth Dorsey, Jasper Duberry, Victoria Eidelsztein, Gabi Estrada, Anne Feicht, Sally Gordon, Belle Hulne, Nancy Johnson, Brian Kantor, Monique Kantor, Therese Krupp, Mei Lam So, Erin Leon, Carl Nanoff, John Pearson, John Schulz, Lila Shull, Melissa Sisk, Pam Sullivan, Anda Tanaka, Megan Wetzel, Kara Yeomans, Jeremy Lundquist, Jon Mahnke, Horacio Devoto, and Maneli Aygani.

Artwork by Belle Hulne 

Gallery Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

Saturday 12:00p.m.-4:00p.m.

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