Paradise Spell

Paradise Spell

NE Sculpture Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Heather Lamanno

"In recent times, I find myself floating in limbo, lost in visions of a murky past, deficient present, and idealized possibilities of the future. In this new body of paintings and concrete forms, I am exploring how the present might appear from a future vantage point. Within the paintings, abstracted architectural forms dwell in boldly colored landscapes and layered, hazy skylines. Structures emerge, cautiously seeping out of their environments, or drifting in aimless flight patterns. Whether engulfed in an emotionally charged atmosphere, or a quiet fog of ambiguity, these mysterious landscapes blur the boundaries of time and space. The installation of concrete towers and molded forms depicts the heaviness of historical infrastructure, patterned grids melting into mounds of disarray and uncertainty. The works in Paradise Spell depict moments and spaces that appear as I gaze back from future fantasies of imminent joy, found just beyond the horizon." Heather Lamanno

“And also we see the distinctive American is the Paradise Spell: The tendency to see the present from the vantage point of the future. It starts with imagination-the ability to fantasize about what some imminent happiness will look like. The future minded person leaps rashly toward that gauzy image. He or she is subtly more attached to the glorious future than to the temporary and unsatisfactory present. Time isn’t pushed from the remembered past to the felt present to the mysterious future. It is pulled by the golden future..” - David Brooks - Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia 


Heather Lamanno is an interdisciplinary artist who explores personal and cultural narratives within imaginary psychological spaces. Heather's recent body of paintings and installations depict construction sites that exist in an abstract and temporal space in-between the gap of proposal and completion. This incomplete state of being acts as a metaphor for self reflection, and the perpetual nature of change that occurs as one strives for personal improvement and achievement. Architectural structures in Heather's become symbolic characters, existing in a translucent, ambiguous atmosphere, which are more psychological spaces for contemplation than specific environments. Elements of radical architecture, modernist design, and science fiction conspire to inform the visionary infrastructure of these imaginary worlds. Through the process of building these fictional worlds, Heather creates a mythical time and space for whimsical self reflection and speculation. You can find more of Heather's work at her website here.

12-5pm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays or by appointment through August 14th

Note on COVID-19: Mask Up Minnesota! In light of safety concerns, Mask's must be worn indoors by those not vaccinated. We will be practicing social distancing, limiting to 15 people in the gallery at one time. Please contact us with questions or to make a private appointment at or 612-743-6664


Friday, July 23rd from 7:00-9:00pm at the Gallery Factory with music curated by Philippe Gallandat, and a Make+Take metal pouring workshop with the WOW Mobile Metal Lab. There will be safety measures in place. Find directions and a map on our website here. Find the Facebook event here.

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