Munir Kahar and Genie Castro at 801 Gallery

Munir Kahar and Genie Castro at 801 Gallery

Opening Reception

Artists Munir Kahar and Genie Castro will discuss their art.

There will be complimentary wine, beverages and chocolate.

Free and Open To The Public

About the Artists

Munir Kahar:

The process of my artworks is mostly born from the unconscious mind. It is a blissfully wonderful moment of exploration in the journey of capturing images that pulse from the inner guts, where the transcendent unconscious intuitions are accessing yet reborn into the material worlds. I called this psychic automatism as IMAGINARY VOYAGE.

Genie Castro:

I am an artist and printmaker, curator and director. I print with rich colors that inspire my artistic energy. Many of the artworks are taller than me and give me freedom to compose. I get a big kick out of putting it all together with others to create experiences everlasting and rich to welcome folks day-to-day or as fun as a day at the state fair. Art is about relationships.

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