MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Fellowship XV

MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Fellowship XV

Experience the exciting new work of MCBA's Jerome Book Arts Fellowship recipients.

Celebrate the newest exhibition of the MCBA/Jerome Foundation Book Arts Fellowships Series! Experience the exciting new work of our most recent recipients: printmaker Austin Nash, photographer and papermaker Shun Yong, and collaborative zine-making-and-publishing team Sarah Evenson and Jade Juno. We invite you to tour the exhibition during our Saturday pop-up activities on October 30 from 10am–5pm.  Stay tuned for more information on our gallery hours beyond October 30, as well as details about the opening reception. 

About the Jerome Foundation

 Since 1985, the Jerome Foundation has helped emerging artists push the boundaries of contemporary book arts by supporting the creation of new work. Through these fellowship and mentorship opportunities, Minnesota artists of diverse disciplines have created book arts projects that challenge and redefine conventional notions of book form and content. 

About the Recipients

Austin Nash

 For 428 days I woke up, poured ink onto a screen, and pulled a print. In repeating this process I found a form of meditation and reflection. I also found the inherent memory in the material of screen print. The bits of ink held in the mesh. Revision documents these memories and the prints I pulled. The Hum of Thoughts is in collaboration with artist Sagirah Shahid and reacts to Revision through poetry. 

Sarah Evenson and Jade Juno

 Queer Masses is a five issue set of zines by book artist Sarah Evenson and illustrator Jade Juno working together under the shared name of RumTum. Our first goal when we began work on this series was to create four interlinking pieces that unabashedly position queerness as an essential site of transformative social resistance and joy. The second was for these pieces to combine the well-crafted physicality of artist’s books with the affordability and accessibility of zines. Our final goal was to activate the work by including distribution as an intentional part of the project itself. 

Shun Yong

 I am a portrait photographer who documents immigrants and refugees in the United States and in Malaysia. As a second generation Chinese immigrant, I have spent nine years in the United States and am still adapting to life in America. My intention is to honor immigrants and refugees—to present them as they want to be seen, but not necessarily as we typically see them. The Occupation Series serves as a path to help me achieve a sense of belonging. Through this project, I am able to gain a better understanding of my hometown of Karak, Malaysia. It also gives me a clearer picture of how immigrants and refugees fit into their new homeland, and how I find my own role in my new homeland. 

Gallery Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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