Internal Nomad | Suyao Tian

Internal Nomad | Suyao Tian

A Solo Exhibition by Suyao Tian

Suyao Tian will present a new body of work featuring 50 works, her largest solo exhibition to date. There will be an open reception July 22nd from 4-8PM.

  Hallberg Center for the Arts is open for regular viewing hours Thursdays and Fridays: 4pm and Saturdays: noon - 4pm

   Suyao Tian is an artist, designer and independent curator living and working in the Twin Cities. She has a double BFA degree in fine art and music education, and an MFA in design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Painting is her own language to connect to the world, and her way to find and connect the similarities in our soul that we all share. 

She creates a unique style of watercolor painting, mainly using watercolor medium while also using mixed media with different pen marks to define the details of each painting to give the audience layers and depth of the painting.

“I creates a peaceful and safe space that invites all people’s mind to wander and explore but is not an overtly symbolic object to suggest the direction."   ------Suyao 

'I believe inspiring people to find themselves is the most important function of her work and its place within society. This introspection is critical to society because no one is capable of full peace and love for others without first understanding themselves, and it is her hope that her works provide such a peace to all who see it"    ----- Suyao

COVID-19 Precautions
“We are adhering to CDC protocols for social distancing.  If you have not had a vaccination, please wear a mask. If you are exhibiting any symptoms, please put off your visit until you are feeling better.
 Thanks for understanding“.

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