HAIR+NAILS Summer Show

HAIR+NAILS Summer Show

Island Queen Satans Flower, Mary Gibney, Emma Beatrez, Shirin Ghoraishi, Lee Noble, Nora Spiekermann

Fri Jul 19th, 2019 7PM - 10PM CST
Jul 19th - Jul 31st, 2019
Hair and Nails Gallery
2222 1/2 E 35th ST
Minneapolis ( map )

IC:  Emma Beatrez, Shirin Ghoraishi, Lee Noble, Nora Spiekermann

1) 'Vacation House' presented by Island Queen Satans Flower is handmade clothing, produced sound, sculptural forms and painted imagery. IQSF is opening their first pop-up shop within Hair and Nails as an experiment in craft and business. Everything in the installation is for sale.

2) 'Mindhole' by Mary Gibney is an excavation, a mini-museum of my mind. A pileup of art and detached heads (hung, stacked or impaled). I'm attracted to peculiarities, ephemera and scraps, and unexpected results. I believe that everything created by hand is a self-portrait. Mary Gibney is a Minneapolis artist who is inspired by body parts, faces, weirdos and misfits. 

3) 'Also, Put It In My Bath' is a collaborative exhibition by Emma Beatrez, Shirin Ghoraishi, Lee Noble, and Nora Spiekermann with their guest Botond Vitos, exploring displacement, disorientation, memory, and natural phenomena. In a space where the sensual and the technological can intermingle, the audience is invited to soak and be seduced by light, scent, voice, and touch. 

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