Below the Surface

Below the Surface

Solo exhibition featuring multimedia artist Daren HillEvent Website

Feb 2nd - Feb 23rd, 2019
Sat Feb 2nd, 2019 6PM - 9PM CST
Vine Arts Center
2637 27th Ave S
Minneapolis ( map )

Below the Surface explores the vibrant relationships between form and its deconstruction. As compositional elements begin to combine, initial decisions affect the overall composition. Deconstruction of layers and colors from each piece emphasizes the idea that nothing is fixed. “This constant evolution of texture and color is a microcosm of how our universe operates. Every part is working with one another to create a harmonious union between tool, canvas and medium. This balance is beneficial because it highlights duality (good/bad) and the action or decision acts as a catalyst for what follows.

About the Artist:
After a decade away, Minneapolis-born visual artist returned from Brooklyn to the Twin Cities. Inspired by street art and influenced by fine arts, he explores abstract art through various media including painting, mural, sculpture, photography and digital art.

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