Art Concrete: Geometry and Abstraction | Brad Nuorala

Art Concrete: Geometry and Abstraction | Brad Nuorala

Gallery 13 presents an exhibition of work by artist Brad Nuorala

Brad Nuorala uses line, color, and texture to create abstract, geometric paintings. He collects his ideas from the urban environment. The artist's work is evolutionary, inspired by markings, surfaces, and structures found within our decaying and worn urban environment.

How To View Exhibition
Art Concrete Virtual Gallery: Please visit and move through the exhibition in  a virtual gallery space on Exhibbit.
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Virtual Artist Talk June 12th 2PM CST
Please Join in with Gallery13 and Brad Nuorala for this 30-minute introduction to Brad's studio and work via Zoom.  
Note: This artist talk was rescheduled from June 5th

Meeting: LINK 
Meeting ID: 778 884 0731
Passcode: FR4vC2

About the Exhibition
Art Concrete refers to a collective led by Theo Van Doesburg in 1930 that developed after the breakup of the De Stijl (Piet Mondrian). Theo Van Doesburgs' concept of purely plastic elements, namely surfaces and colors as purely non-objective art followed along with his additions to new plastics, which included the addition of the diagonal line, more color, and the ability to rotate elements or the canvas to add movements and depth. Nuroala's work reflects Van Doesburg's assertions of what abstract painting should be, which is, art must abandon subjectivity and find impersonal inspiration, purely within the elements of which a given work is an abstract construction or arrangement containing: line, plane, and color. Nuoralas’ use of line to create flat geometric space is a prime example of the Concrete Art Collective that formed in the late 1920s. He uses lines to form geometric shapes and forms imbued with color abstractions to create space within the geometry of arranged, flat planes.

Nuorala paints from life and more to the point he makes art out of the markings and decay that appear throughout our cities and towns such as materials and surfaces that are constantly eroding and worn in the urban environment. “I find inspiration in graffiti, surface markings, and bits and pieces of texture and color, posters that often appear on light-poles, or facades of old and new buildings. back alleys, dumpsters, doorways, old worn loading docks, along with pavement and roadways which all provide the material that becomes the “building blocks” for expressing shape, pattern, texture, and color of the urban environment all accomplished with geometric constructions”. Nuoralas' work does not bear any similarity to what he uses as inspiration but rather each work becomes an abstraction through his unique style of arranging and positioning geometric planes. In Nuorala's pieces, hard edges play against brushed and scraped surfaces, with the movement of painting juxtaposing against controlled lines and hard edges, coalescing into a celebration of esthetics, composition, and color.

Brad Nuorala is extensively collected. His works can found in the following collections:
  Honeywell Incorporated, Real Estate Plus, Prudential Insurance Company, Minnesota Education Association, Cherry Tree Ventures, North Hennepin Community College, Normandale Community College, Twin Cities Federal Banking and Saving, Anderson Consulting, Factory Motor Parts, Inc., CityScape Dental Arts, Weisman Museum, University of Minnesota, One Medical, and also in numerous private collections and many more.

Image: Brad Nuorala, Tension (detail), acrylic on canvas, 48.5" x 40"

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