where have you been?

things in mplsart world have been pure madness! so very busy! as if i was writing to long lost family, let me re-cap our end of summer.

i joined several talented gentlemen in nashville to see them put on a wonderful show, co-presented by mplsart & twist gallery...the final images of the wall are coming soon & a news segment (i haven't even seen it yet, so i have no idea how small it is or what they say)....nevertheless, i was proud to be there. the artists (eric inkala, john grider, drew peterson & isaac arvold) did an amazing job. All artists are in the featured artist section of the site.

27! wow, have you seen the new city pages? 27 worked hard over the past month to complete some pieces for the annual Fall Arts Issue, and the results are perfect. Between the cover, inside images, and the profile article, we couldn't have asked for more. There will be new 27 pieces (paintings & drawings) on the site for sale soon in the featured artist section...that will include the cover piece, which is 4ftx5ft!

we love artists but we also love collectors, as they help to keep the world go round & they choose to live with art. with that said, we have started a monthly feature, "Art on the Wall", that is initially published on mnartists.org. Our first went out last month and our next is end of this month. with the strong support of mnartists, we hope this tickles your fancy.

Openings...the art season has begun, and though i have not been to as many as i would like, i have been out taking pictures, which will be posted soon. For all aspiring photographers looking to get your name out there, we are always looking for arts minded people to help document this art city of ours, so drop us an email, we would love to work with you!

the next big thing for mplsart is Love's Labourers happening on Friday, sept 21st, part of MNFashion weekend. Click the link for the details on the artist/designer/dj mash-up/assembly line/sweat shop happening...since it is beyond what i can detail here. Oh, and did I mention the graphic designer, artists, designers, photographer, stylist & DJs working on this are absolutely mouth watering delicious!

& finally, from sept 27-29, is a visit from Friends with You (here, here & here)! this amazing line-up of events is not a mplsart event but rather a partnership between ROBOTlove, Soo VAC & the Walker Art Center. the 27th is an artists talk at the walker, positive energy is already building! the 28th is the opening of the exhibit at Soo VAC...word is that a members only event will proceed the evening, so become a member ($25). the 29th is a signing of merch @ ROBOTlove...so why do i list this FWY visit, because whatever Kristoffer touches turns to gold (this site a shining example) and thus it is promised to be a wonderful dream of an event!

okay, this was a novel...


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