Wallpaper: An Altered Book Experiment

Wallpaper: An Altered Book Experiment

Mixed media exhibition presenting 2D and 3D works inspired by altering Wallpaper: a Collection of Modern Prints. Event Website

Jul 2nd - Aug 10th, 2018
Opening Reception
Fri Jul 13th, 2018 6PM - 8PM CST
Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art
250 3rd Ave N
Minneapolis ( map )

Twelve artists, nationally known for their creative engagement with the art of the book, were invited to participate in an experiment. Each of the artists was given a copy of the book Wallpaper: A Collection of Modern Prints, and asked to respond to it by exploring and altering its original form and/or content, thus giving it new meaning. This mixed media exhibition will present 2D and 3D work. Expect the outrageous and the gorgeous.

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