An exhibition about personal narrative, tales, storytelling and memory. Celebrating the people behind the works.Event Website

Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 7PM - 10PM CST
Light Grey Art Lab
118 East 26th St #101
Minneapolis ( map )

Over the past five years, thousands of artists from around the world have gathered to collaborate, learn, travel, create, and grow together as a part of Light Grey Art Lab’s community. Every public call-for-art includes as many voices as possible, with each artist contributing one piece to build upon a greater theme. For their newest exhibition, tobeyou, Light Grey Art Lab is celebrating that vibrant chorus of voices with an exhibition that shines a spotlight back onto the community.


tobeyou invites over 100 artists from past shows to explore the themes and narratives they hold most dear. Light Grey Art Lab is asking each artist, ‘Who are you?’ Artists are encouraged share personal or revealing stories. To explore the themes that cannot be shaken from their practice. To start a conversation with their peers about what is important to them.


Unsurprisingly, the work produced for tobeyou runs the gamut from lighthearted and aspirational, to intensely personal and critically self-reflective. Each participating artist’s personality is amplified by their contribution. Rachel Quast’s hand-painted set of Russian nesting dolls depicts the various elements that define her. Lauren Gonsalves draws upon remembered smells of phosphorous, potassium chlorate, and kerosene to illustrate a pivotal moment from her past. Dailen Ogden uses wolves, metaphor, and gold leaf to paint a dark narrative about the creative process.


Light Grey Art Lab’s exhibitions usually feature artists from around the world, but tobeyou will be giving special attention to the Twin Cities creators that sparked Light Grey Art Lab’s founders to create the gallery in the first place. Including educators, creative business owners, past participants, friends, and collaborators, these people make Light Grey Art Lab the place it is today, and will continue to inspire the future of the space.  This special extension of tobeyou work will be featured in the Adjunct Gallery.


tobeyou will be featured in Light Grey Art Lab’s original Main and Adjunct Galleries, and continues the tradition of large-scale group exhibitions which the gallery has been producing since 2012.

Allison Bamcat, Allissa Chan, Alyssa Van Hulle, Amanda Burke, Anastasia Wyatt, Andrea Altamirano, Angela An, Anne Passchier, Anoosha Syed, Arielle Jovellanos, Bekky Sunmi Shin, Benjamin Mills, Bethany Sellers, Betsy Bauer, Bill Robinson, Bryan Paul Patterson, Cai Vail, Caitlin Ono, Casey Hunt, Celia Lowenthal, Charis Loke, Chris Thornley (Raid 71), Chrissy Curtin, Christine Almeda, Dailen Ogden, Daria Theodora, Dawn Lo, Devon Bragg, Emma Lazauski, Evan Kang, Evan Monteiro, Francesca Buchko, Gica Tam, Heather Franzen Rutten, Helen Mask, Ileana Soon, Isuri Merenchi Hewage, Jacquelin de Leon, Janaina Medeiros, Jem Magbanua, Jessica Roux, John Wilinski, Jon Berg, Joshua Heinsz, Judit Neubauer, Julia Griffin, Kate Sheridan, Kathleen Jennings, Kayla Stark, Kelly Hamilton, Lauren Gonsalves, Maggie Rutherford, Marina Julia, Max Temescu, Minnie Phan, Mirana Reveier, Molly Stanard, Nate Hillyer, Nehemiah Nesheim, Pablo Rivera, Phoenix Chan, Rachel Quast, Sara Kipin, Sarah Airriess, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Siena Mae Allison, Steph Stilwell, Stephanie Brown, Tara O'Connor, Tashi Reeve, Tegan Thomas, Trisha Previte, Varsam Kurnia, Victoria Skellan, Vitor Mazon, Wendi Chen, Wren Sauer, Xiao Qing Chen, Yinfan Huang, Zi Xu

This exhibition is one of 5 showing simultaneously at the newly expanded Light Grey Art Lab. Learn more about the other exhibitions.

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