Threads of Color

Threads of Color

Abstract Paintings by Susan Horn
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Apr 21st - May 26th
Opening Reception
Sat Apr 21st 2PM - 5PM CST
Groveland Gallery
25 Groveland Terrace
Minneapolis ( map )

Quick and decisive strokes fill Susan Horn's canvas. She writes, “As I am painting, I am looking for a resonance—a rhythm that physically hits you like a deep chord. This is the sensation I paint towards.”


Deviating from her past semi-abstract landscapes, in this exhibition Horn employs color relationships to communicate an attitude or impression. In these paintings, confined neighborhoods of blue, teal and burnt orange rub shoulders and create a dialog.


“Color is the thread I follow through the chaos of a painting. I want you to feel the movement towards order through the compositional relationships I create. The goal is an organic composition that is structured but not symmetrical or static, its conclusions following naturally from all that precedes them.”

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