Sueños y Pesadillas (Dreams and Nightmares)

Sueños y Pesadillas (Dreams and Nightmares)

An exhibition of work by Kenneth Antonio RiveraEvent Website

Fri Oct 27th, 2017 5PM - 9PM CST
On View
Oct 27th - Dec 9th, 2017
Modus Locus
3500 Bloomington Ave S
Minneapolis ( map )

Modus Locus is happy to introduce the works of Kenneth Antonio Rivera, a recently transplanted artist from LA. He uses painting as a process to create a visual journal of his dreams and nightmares by capturing these fleeting images, ideas, emotions and sensations. This challenge of painting the juxtaposition of his dreams with his nightmares helps Kenneth to develop a restorative and meditative insight that he cultivates in his daily life to overcome trauma and pave a path to healing.

Growing up in Los Angeles during the 1980s, Kenneth was provided with a wealth of experiences that laid the groundwork for his artistic inspiration. His work in college was heavily influenced and inspired by the philosophy of Carl Jung, who inspired him to draw images that explored ideas about the collective unconscious and archetypes. These drawings helped Kenneth recognize that he had many repressed emotions, ideas and experiences and so he decided to create paintings based on his personal dreams and nightmares.

This will be the first time these works will be exhibited together and the exhibit will feature paintings that explore the motifs of identity, family, and love — his dreams, and paintings that convey a sense of despair, anger and chaos — his nightmares.

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