Stream Capture

Stream Capture

An exhibit exploring the role and position of the landscape and natural environment within a world shaped by technology and digital mediaEvent Website

On View
Jan 16th - Mar 4th, 2018
Fri Jan 19th, 2018 6PM - 8PM CST
Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)
2501 Stevens Avenue
Minneapolis ( map )

Through the use and lens of digital tools and technology, Stream Capture asks how we might engage with a reimagining of the natural environment if we cannot physically enter it. This group exhibition featuring sixteen artists explores human perception, simulation, mapping, time and scale shifts, and historical study and preservation. The exhibition offers a sense of the future and the possibility of movement from place to place (here to there) and from time to time (present to future).

Stream Capture is curated by Ben Moren, assistant professor of media arts at MCAD.

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