SINUOUS features moody paintings rendering Lisa Grossman's interpretations of the river, prairie and horizon of the Midwestern Landscape. Event Website

On View
Aug 26th - Oct 7th, 2017
Sat Aug 26th, 2017 5PM - 8PM CST
CIRCA Gallery
210 N First St
Minneapolis ( map )

CIRCA Gallery will host an opening reception for Lisa Grossman, marking the artist's second solo exhibition with the gallery. 
Grossman's work, which art critic Mary Abbe described as "moody paintings that hover between landscape and abstraction," are the artist's interpretation of the river, the prairie and the unending horizon of the Midwestern landscape. Often mistaken for photography when viewed from afar, it is only until one edges in for a closer look that these works of hazy horizons, luminous light and endless skies are revealed as paintings. This is quickly accompanied by the realization Grossman has captured something that can never be photographed.

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