Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown

New work by Robert Dorlac, Fred Hagstrom, and Barbara McIlrathEvent Website

Jun 2nd - Jul 14th, 2018
Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 2PM - 5PM CST
Groveland Gallery
25 Groveland Terrace
Minneapolis ( map )

IC: Robert Dorlac, 'Prairie Ponds and Sloughs #5,' 2017, Watercolor
Parts Unknown is a SPOTLIGHT exhibition of new work by Robert Dorlac, Fred Hagstrom, and Barbara McIlrath opens June 2nd at Groveland Gallery. These three artists, each using a different medium, share a disposition in the way they capture landscape. At once abstract yet still familiar, their landscapes recall places and somewheres one has traveled before.
Barbara McIlrath finds her subject in the dramatic landscape of the Driftless Region of Western Wisconsin, near Lake Pepin, where she has a farm and studio. The seasonal changes in the sky, land, and water constantly inspire her. For McIlrath, there is a spiritual, intellectual and physical connection to the discipline of “seeing deeply” and the act of painting.
Robert Dorlac strives to paint the world’s remote and isolated places. He has traveled from the Badlands to Iceland to make art. For this exhibition, Dorlac has created atmospheric renderings of the wet and yielding prairie ponds and sloughs near his home in Western Minnesota using a muted watercolor palette of dusty blues, soft yellows and deep greens.
For over a decade, Fred Hagstrom has taken college student groups to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. Hagstrom’s woodcut monoprints and etchings derive their imagery from his poetic interpretations of nature. Rather than depicting the landscape in a static or illustrative manner, Hagstrom creates sensory impressions of his observations.
All artists will be present at the opening reception.
The opening reception and exhibition runs concurrently with Quiet Water, a show of new work by Michael Paul.

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