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Apr 20th - Apr 28th, 2018
Fri Apr 20th, 2018 6PM - 9PM CST
Franconia in the City@Casket
1781 Jefferson St. NE
Minneapolis ( map )

Artist Statement
"Latitudes uses computer controlled theatrical floodlights to represent the movement of carbon between atmosphere and ecosystems at different latitudes from pole to pole.

For several decades now, climate scientists have used sensors mounted on eddy variance towers to monitor carbon in real time to better understand how the carbon cycle differs between different regions on the Earth. While these towers capture multiple datasets, Latitude will focus on the rate of exchange of carbon between ecosystems and the atmosphere as they measure carbon that goes into the air, and carbon that goes into the ground. I worked with ecologist Dr. John Schade and Dr. Sue Natali of Woods Hole Research Center in Cape Cad locate and organize the tower data provided by Fluxnet. Aaron Heidgerken-Greene programed the lights.

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