Jerome Emerging Fiber Artists 2017

Textile Center presents new work of four Jerome Foundation Emerging Fiber Artist Project Grant recipients.Event Website

On View
Sep 7th - Oct 21st, 2017
Thu Sep 7th, 2017 6PM - 7:30PM CST
Textile Center
3000 University Ave SE
Minneapolis ( map )

Textile Center is pleased to announce that the 2017 Jerome Fiber Artists Project Grants have been to Elizabeth Garvey, Julie Hassler, Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker and Catherine Missaghi. Four project grants of $5,000 were awarded through Textile Center.  This fiber art program, one of the few grants in the country designated for this both deep rooted and cutting edge art form, is designed to expand opportunities for emerging fiber artists in Minnesota, supporting the artists as they undertake specific artistic projects. The projects—which vary in scope, from giving shape to bipolar disorder through the textured lens of fiber; to comparing patterns and designs in indigenous cultures to those emanating from urban environments; to enhancing images of skin with surface design as a vehicle to explore ideas about race and identity—will culminate in a public exhibition at Textile Center in fall 2017.

Elizabeth Garvey / St. Paul, MN

Elizabeth states, “There is a tale of an invisible red thread that connects individuals whose destinies are intertwined.“ While making this thread visible and a prominent theme connecting her final works, Elizabeth will accomplish several goals. She will be able to explore the use of different textile materials in her often mixed media work, fine-tune her handcraft, and make the challenging transition to creating sculptural fiber constructions. Elizabeth will also document her process and finished works to build her professional portfolio.


Julie Hassler / St. Paul, MN

Julie will use fiber to bring shape and form to a state of being.  She has found that fiber is the perfect medium to provide texture to a condition that is hard to describe – bipolar disorder. The opportunity to work alongside a group of emerging artists and receive guidance from professional artist advisors, will be transforming and support her growth as a fiber artist. Her final body of work will give viewers a peek into an environment that appears put-together on the outside, but still fragile beneath the surface.


Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker  / Sunfish Lake, MN

Skin is a defining characteristic physically, but also metaphorically. It carries ideas about race and aging and describes emotional states. Kristin will engage in conversations with individuals to see what skin says to them and how it can tell a story. By digitizing images of actual skin and enhancing them with various surface design and textile techniques, these finished works will address ideas about race, aging, illness, and identity as they relate to skin.


Catherine Missaghi / Roseville, MN

Having lived in South Africa for 15 years, Catherine is continuously inspired by African aesthetic and it’s strong sense of pattern, design, and rhythm. Catherine intends to make a connection between traditional patterns and designs found in indigenous culture (specifically African) to the modern use of pattern and design found in current urban environments. Devoting herself to studio time will allow for Catherine to experiment with rust dyeing and produce a personal reference library of printed fabrics. New works and the opportunity to develop a larger network with artists and establishments will open up opportunities to show in fine art galleries and museums, building a reputation as a fine artist working in the fiber arts.


Textile Center partners with Jerome Foundation in selecting emerging fiber artists based in Minnesota for individually designed project grants that have informed and advanced their development as artists and their creation of new works. Together, Jerome Foundation and Textile Center supports and celebrates the creative spirit of emerging fiber artists.

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