A group exhibition with Glenn Grafelman, Valerie Jenkins, Walter Jost and Lisa NebenzahlEvent Website

Feb 25th - Jun 30th, 2017
Sat Feb 25th, 2017 6PM - 9PM CST
Art at 801 Gallery
801 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis ( map )

Humanature brings together the work of four artists who work at the intersections of installation, painting, drawing, photography and assemblage.

Glenn Grafelman
My selection of oil on linen paintings, blend the spiritual aspects of the non-objective with logic of geometry. These paintings demonstrate the coexistence between search and formality, creating depth of field that is contrary to our literal world. My paintings rebuke the recognizable, illustrative considerations of subject matter practiced today.


Walter Jost
My work for the past 25 years has been centered around smaller, more intimate assemblages and paintings. I use geometric abstraction as a vehicle to understanding the world, the symmetry/asymmetry, the beauty. Each of the pieces is an individual element, simply expressing a moment. Hung together a somewhat cloudy narrative where emerging and fading take place, a sort of dance.

Valerie Jenkins
“Figure/Ground” is the continuation of work that examines the interplay between perception and meaning. Bringing together drawings, objects and digital photos, I am creating a tableaux that is intended to operate as a visual poem; juxtaposition, fragmentation, separation, illusion, disruption, contradiction, and connectedness, form the syntax of a grammar rooted in psychological and bodily experience; that reverberates within the social sphere, and that embraces the precarious relationship between seeing and knowing.


Lisa Nebenzahl
My photographic work examines themes of fragility and resilience, loss and persistence and the passage of time. I explore these metaphors using shadow, light and manipulation, working with leaves, branches, water and flowers. I’ve explored working with the element of chance and serendipity; this body of work is an exploration of two veins - working with multiple-printing montages and reinterpreting the montage through the process of platinum printing, and folded photographs constructions.

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