Flux  /  Originally

Flux / Originally

Dual Show featuring Laura Stack and Elaine RutherfordEvent Website

Exhibition Dates
Mar 3rd - Mar 31st, 2018
Closing Reception
Sat Mar 31st, 2018 7PM - 10PM CST
Rosalux Gallery
1400 Van Buren Street NE #195
Minneapolis ( map )

Detail of 'Flux #9,' ink collage, 60″ x 140″ by Laura Stack


Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by local artists Laura Stack and Elaine Rutherford. In Flux, Stack’s ink paintings allude to an artificial world that is fluid, organic, and otherworldly, expressing its laws of probability and physics. In Originally, Rutherford’s work investigates place and displacement informed by her experience as an immigrant and the daughter of an immigrant.


Flux: Laura Stack
Stack creates colorful ink paintings and collages that are an imagined view of synthetic life or the “new natural.” When engaged in the painting process, she envisions an artificial world that is fluid, organic, and otherworldly, expressing its laws of probability and physics. Forms such as fungi and microscopic marine life inspire the painting imagery as do geologic processes like lava flow. Through physical gesture and the fluidity of the ink, she creates the illusion of a frozen moment in the process of becoming. Stack’s work is mirroring our changing relationship with the natural world.


Originally: Elaine Rutherford
Rutherford’s paintings and drawing imagery draw on traditions in romantic landscape painting to reflect on her immigrant experience of existing in the “space between” while reconsidering non-belonging a space of agency. Recent work explores the relationship between painted and embroidered marks on the surface of the canvas referencing a rich tradition and history of tapestry and weaving in Scotland as well as the distinct gendered associations within each process.


Exhibition Dates: March 3-31
Closing Reception: Saturday, March 31, 7-10pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays + Sundays: 12–4 pm

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