Dark Ocean

Dark Ocean

An exhibition featuring work from Syed Hosain, Perry Bard, Ilona Gaynor, Essma Imady, and Hakan TopalEvent Website

On View
Nov 9th - Dec 17th, 2017
Opening Reception and Public Discussion
Fri Nov 10th, 2017 7PM - 10PM CST
Public Discussion
Thu Dec 7th, 2017 7PM CST
Law Warschaw Gallery, Macalester College
Fine Arts Commons 105, 130 S Macalester St
St Paul ( map )

In an Information Age, when knowledge is networked and ubiquitous, how are truths discerned and histories recorded? In an era of ‘alternative facts,’ fast-circulating news, and “fake news,” the ability to understand our world — what constitutes real information to form knowledge and, ultimately, truths — seems daunting. 

Rather than extract truths or call out fabrications, this exhibition presents multiple paradigms for information-making: experience and memory, the interview, the courtroom, the library, news media, broadcast, and social media. Together these works describe conditions for the speed and rhetoric of news and social media; our understanding of current events and writing truthful histories; and the manipulation of information, with attention to global conflict, the justice system, and international refugee and humanitarian crises.


Public Discussion Nov 10, 8 pm

Artists Ilona Gaynor, Hakan Topal, Perry Bard discuss the media’s impact on public understanding.


Public Discussion Dec 7, 7 pm

Artists Essma Imady and Syed Hosain discuss geography, myths, and truths, which have shaped their own studio practices.

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