Bedlam and Bibelot

Bedlam and Bibelot

Whittney A. Streeter's Cabinet of Wicked Witches and Terrible ToysEvent Website

Fri Nov 17th, 2017 6PM - 10PM CST
On View
Nov 17th - Dec 23rd, 2017
Artist Talk
Fri Dec 15th, 2017 7PM CST
Rogue Buddha Gallery
357 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis ( map )

Bedlam: a place where the mad reside
Bibelot: trinkets


"In my work, I try to capture this grandmother's attic feeling. It is familiar and inviting, yet unsettling. Reminiscent of old family photos in their recycled frames with faded watercolor, bright ink, and sepia-stained coffee coloring, my work draws on menacing old places, those photos of scowling dead relatives, sewing boxes, stories from childhood, the haunted feeling of being alone, and some mad-scientist quackery. I work to create images that are somehow familiar, yet intriguingly disturbing, creating that sense one would get exploring the forbidden places in the homes of elderly relatives." — Streeter


Included with the illustrations of hags are a number of interactive objects – toys that are as horrible as the stories we heard and retold in childhood. They are made to be dark and surprising, to feel as old and precariously usable and irreplaceable as the objects I grew up with. They are made to be reminiscent of those times as children when we enjoyed being a little scared.


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