Alison Hiltner |  It Is Yesterday

Alison Hiltner | It Is Yesterday

Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program presents the work of Alison HiltnerEvent Website

Mar 16th - Jun 25th, 2017
Thu Mar 16th, 2017 6PM - 9PM CST
Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) U.S. Bank Gallery
2400 3rd Ave S
Minneapolis ( map )

Alison Hiltner views herself as an archeologist of science fiction, exploring the media landscape of films, television, and video games and intertwining these themes with current scientific inquiry. She merges visual cues from the natural world and fiction to create large-scale sculptural installations. The results confront the viewer with something that appears alien yet undeniably familiar.


The central concept throughout Hiltner’s work is a fascination with how science fiction cinema influences our current understanding of scientific research, and how that filter of understanding will affect technological advancement in the future. By maintaining a sense wonder, humor, and a touch of the absurd, she anchors these pieces conceptually in earnest manipulation, driven by a curiosity of the stranger elements of our existence.


For her MAEP exhibition, Hiltner created a responsive environment that explores the symbiosis between algae and humans. Equal parts experimental laboratory and functioning mechanized environment, the installation immerses audiences in a landscape influenced by science fiction, yet populated by real organisms, confusing fact and fantasy. By forging a personal connection with the lifecycle of algae, this work provides an intimate approach to climate issues. 

Remarks at 6PM when doors open. RSVP on Facebook

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